Buckland Chapel events


Our Upcoming Events

Christian Book Club

November Breakfast

9.30 am 

Saturday 13th November

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Regular Clubs

Food Hub

Monday, Wednesdays

& Fridays

10.00 am - 11.00 am


Tuesday Mornings

Term Time

9 - 10.30 am

£2 per family

Dance Classes

Dance classes for

all ages on Thursdays


Contact - Rebecca Marks



Children & Youth clubs




Come along to the

Food Hub

for a warm welcome


a selection of 

food essentials

Donations are 



Do you have younger, pre-school children/babies? Would you enjoy a bit of time out while your children have a play with some toys, and you can have a conversation with another grown up, whilst enjoying a cup of tea/coffee.

Come to our playgroup!

Royal Academy of Dance classes, Special Pre-school beginners creative ballet class, and then
up to Advanced 1 standard.

I.S.T.D. Tap, Jazz, Modern Theatre classes Pre- Primary to Grade 6.

Child friendly small classes with experienced teachers, reasonable rates.

First class is Free as a Trial.

Shows, exams, concerts.

Children and Youth sessions with our Youth Worker

Tom Watson

To find out more contact Tom on youth@bucklandchurchdevon.co.uk

Buckland Chapel Prayer


7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Christian Book
Club Breakfast

Bi-monthly book club

All welcome

next meeting 

Saturday 13th November

A small group who pray for the community, Chapel events and individual needs.

All are welcome

Christian Book Club

held every two months 

with breakfast 

Come for chat, fellowship 

and a chance to discuss

a book.

Current read is 'Red Moon 

Rising' by Pete Greig

Next Meeting

Saturday 13th

November at 9.30 am